Designing for many years for individuals who have experienced poverty, homelessness, domestic violence,
child abuse and neglect, emotional and mental disturbance, substance abuse, illness of all kinds, has increased
our social awareness.
Tikkun-olam, "to repair a broken world" , to create independent living in a comfortable
and non-institutional space for people with special needs, as well as for the staff working with them, is our
vision. We have completed more than 13 remodeling and additions projects for non-profit organizations funded
through HUD and San Francisco Mayor's Office for Community Development and Housing.

Honors Award: “Outstanding Support for a Community Organization” St. Vincent de Paul Society - 2000

"...Uniquely sympathetic to the sensitive nature of the project and the effects that it would have on the routine
of La Casa de las Madres, Aviva made a tremendous effort to fulfill the needs of its residents and staff"
Doree Friedman, Owner, Fine Line Construction