For people ranging from the young child to the frail elderly, from the former homeless to the affluent, from the sick
to the fit, each project presents unique explorations for an enhanced quality of life.

Each project happens at the intersection of various competing aspirations: functional, political, financial,
promotional, aesthetic, poetic, etc; the firm is dedicated to gracefully integrating and resolving them until they rather
inform and illuminate each other.

Our repeat clients attest to the ingeniousity, resourcefulness and efficiency with which we consistently design
projects that articulate with sensitivity each specific place, resonate each nuance of program, while imbued with
meaning and a sense of elegance.

Aviva Litman Cleper founded the firm in 1989 in San Francisco, with the premise that each project frees up a space
for creating, at every appropriate scale, a place that repairs, engages and enriches the life fabric of its occupants.

Her abilities were forged on projects of very complex functions, in urban, congested settings, with challenging
issues usually associated with multi-headed clients with often-divergent interests, where the facilities had to be
kept operational during construction and exposure to dust, noise or vibration had to be minimized.
While holding leading roles with Anshen + Allen and KMD
Architects, she had a solid schooling in cost-effective building
practices and cost control which achieve the difficult task of
satisfying an ambitious program on the most meager of budgets.

On the background of very complex building programs, she
acquired special skills in the orchestration of different minds
and talents. Prior to arriving in San Francisco in 1980, she
worked in New York and Paris.